Giving to St Alban's

Direct Bank Payment
You can use your online or telephone banking to make a payment to "St. Albans PCC":
Recipient (or beneficiary) account name: St Albans PCC
Sort code: 40-52-40 (CAF Bank plc) Account No: 00035250

For the Workshop Project, you can pay into a dedicated account:
CAF Gold Account Workshop Project
Sort code: 40-52-40 Account No: 00100983

Giving online

You can now give online securely with 'Give A Little'. Click here for the St Alban's giving page.

Standing Order
A direct transfer from your bank account into the Church account regularises your giving and saves you the trouble of writing cheques or placing cash into the weekly collection. Contact Anthony Butler for further information.
Envelope Scheme
If you join this scheme we will provide you with 52 dated envelopes for your weekly cash or cheque gift. This enables you to give regularly by placing an envelope into the collection plate each week. Contact Margaret Hutchins for further information.
One-off Gifts in the Collection Plate
These gifts are greatly appreciated, although more difficult to budget for since we cannot predict if or when they might be received. Gift Aid can be claimed on small gifts (see below).

God has given so much to us, and He wants us to share what we have with others as part of our worship of Him. Your giving is what enables St Alban's to do everything it does: all that goes on is carried by the prayers, volunteering and giving of our congregation. Giving - in gifts and acts of service - is needed for all we do as a church, and all the gifts we receive are hugely appreciated and make a difference.You can support the work and ministry of St. Alban's financially in a number of ways (see opposite and below)

Gift Aid

The value of your gift is increased by 20% by completing a Gift Aid Form if you are a UK tax payer. Contact Anthony Butler for further information.

Contact information:
Administrator: 020 8769 5415 or

Anthony Butler (Treasurer): 020 8769 5415 or
Marc Richeux (Vicar): 020 31529820 or