Workshop Project

Workshop project

We are engaged on an exciting opportunity to develop a workshop and garages which were bequeathed to the church into a house for a youth worker.

We have planning permission, and have done some initial work, including getting electricity to the building. However, we now need funds for the next phase of the project. 

If you want to contribute, you can donate here

November 2023 update: a building contractor has been appointed for Phase 1 of the project, to do the groundworks (including getting water to the building) and demolition work. They are BF Construction Ltd and Rogerio Ferreira is the boss, with decades of experience in the building trade. 

After just over a week's work, the crumbling flooring upstairs and the concrete ceiling downstairs have been removed and the 2 garages downstairs have become one space by taking out part of the internal wall.

Proposed ground floor plan

This is what we hope the ground floor will look like!

Proposed first floor plan

This is what we hope the upstairs will look like!